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May 8th 2014 7:07 pm

Fitness wearables for tennis fans?

Now that the sun is doing its annual spring tease in the Northwest, I've been trying to hit the tennis courts as much as possible. I've taken along some basic step counters and/or phone-based workout trackers, but they only take into account how much my legs move around. I'm pretty sure my arms flailing about (one swinging a 326-gram, 95-square-inch racquet) are burning a few calories too. Any tennis fans out there have some suggestions for a fitness wearable that'll give me an accurate report?

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I use adidas x_cell and speed_cell. no direct swing information, but a lot of good "how well did I move" information. and both can be used without phone nearby...(babolat play gave me better data, but it is WAY too expensive for my tastes...)
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