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September 19th 2012 1:54 pm

Flagship Windows 8 Phones are coming. Which is your favourite?


With the release of Windows 8 coming closer every day, we are seeing the first phones that are going to usher in this new platform. The big three that come to mind are the Nokia Lumia 920, the Samsung ATIV S and the newly announced HTC 8X

Comparison is here:

My personal favourite going into the launch will be the Nokia Lumia 920. It is fresh and is trying to differentiate itself from the pack based on camera technology and wireless charging. I felt a bit underwhelmed by the HTC announcement, but it is 100% the case of me looking at phones all day long. I believe Ryan explained this syndrome the best here (gdgt.com­/discuss­/the­-iphone­-5­-isn­-t­-exciting­-or­-bo... ).

I think all three seem like they can be great products, and it will be an exciting time in the holiday season for cell phone buyers.

Which do you like the best?

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Based on look alone, I like the Nokia handset the best, the HTC is a very similar look though, it's kind of hard to pick, but the bigger screen/battery tips me towards the Nokia.

Personal opinion but really don't like the look of the ATIV S; it looks like they were headed in a neat direction with the brushed metal look but the camera on the back and something about the front (maybe it's the roundness of the corners) just make it look cheap to me.

Ps. I like how you included a link to the comparison, saved me the time!
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So far, I'd have to go with the Lumia 920. Having had a chance to see its camera up close, I really have to say that it may just be the best smartphone camera ever made. And the 920's industrial design is similar to previous well-built Nokias, like the Lumia 900 and M9, making it a very attractive phone!

Oh, BTW, HTC 8X specs have been updated!
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I have edited my post too. I am really excited to see the pureview camera myself.
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ooooh...!! this is VERY tough! On the one hand, HTC 8X will have beats audio, but it only has 16Gb of storage. This is not enough for me to enjoy my music. if it had a microSD slot i might have considered this depending on availability and price.

On the other hand, i have the Lumia 920, and what can I say? It clearly has a superior software package, a much better camera and the option to have 32Gb of onboard memory.

I'd go with the Lumia 920! Bigger screen, better exclusive apps, more memory and (probably) better camera!
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Lumia 920 has Dolby sound.
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HTC and Nokia, i cannot believe 8X is only 16GB internal memory...... it is not enough!
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Ative S is my favourite definitely
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well I changed my mind due to launch problems of Samsung ativ s globally and bought a Lumia 920. But I am glad I bought a Lumia because Nokia is really putting a really hard work on this platform. You wont ever feel abandoned. Which in my opinion is a case with Samsung now. If you want to buy a Windows Phone my definite sequence of brand choice will be Samsung < HTC < Nokia
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I'm not ready to commit to an overall opinion just yet, but design wise, ditto with Mitchell - the Lumia.
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Aesthetically, It's hard to choose between the Lumia and the 8x since the design essentials seem to be very similar. I was hoping for the 8X to have a screen larger than 4.5 inches. Hardware wise, Ativ S leads...
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Since we're only comparing the flagship devices, my vote is for the Lumia 920. Overall it wins with their combination of great hardware design and excellent software exclusives. I hope to see the other OEMs follow suit with more compelling original apps. It helps make up for the dearth of good software in the Marketplace right now.
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Regardless of the hardware (which I'm waiting for actual reviews to develop on opinion about), Nokia has shown a unique commitment to developing high quality software and working with developers to put out new software -- HTC and Samsung need to show similar levels of commitment before I'd consider buying one of their phones. When you also factor in the hardware, I really have a hard time believing that the HTC or Samsung devices will compete with the Lumia 920.
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I'll go for one of each, but will probably settle on the Lumia 820 since my main account is T-Mobile and I get bored with phones very quickly, so being able to change the color of that one every day will be fun. Plus it has wireless charging (with the special shell), MicroSD slot for an extra 32Gb of music/movies, plus a removable battery so I don't have to be too close to a charger.
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definetly not the iphone 5. that is sooo ugly and boring. the 920 would be my next if it came to Verizon. if not then it is the HTC 8X I would love the 8X more than the 920 cuz it has beats but then no city lens and nokia exclusive apps and wireless charging makes it a bit less welcoming
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Lumia 920 here. I like the 8X almost just as much. Seeing as i'm with T-Mobile I'll probably just eat what i'm told.
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