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February 9th 2014 6:09 am

Flappy Bird removed from the app stores

Hello guys!

Flappy bird has been removed from all the app stores! the developer said that he don't want to sell it to anyone, and rumours of $50k daily revenue is false! Of course, it will never come to Windows Phone. But there is a clone version of it....

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I've always found the claims of $50K per day pretty suspect. A mobile gaming company I used to work with had top grossing games on both Google Play and the App Store. When we were in the #1 slot, we were getting about $100K per revenue per day -- thanks to in-app purchases. Flappy Bird only had advertisements, so I can't really see how he was pulling in that much money, even with a ton of impressions.

Anyway, I know Flappy Bird won a lot of hearts and mines. I couldn't really get into it -- same formula as many other endless running type games.
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