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July 23rd 2009 2:03 am

Flash greater than 7? (for hulu purposes)

Anyone know if there is any new development in getting a flash version higher than 7? All the searching in google has provided posts from 2008 or 2007. I'm mostly interested in this because it would pave the way for a way to watch things like hulu on the wii.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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You can only watch Hulu on PC's AFAIK now. They block anyone that is on any other platform. You'll get a message saying that this video is not available on your platform if your on the PS3. So my guess is that the same thing would happen on the Wii.
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I know how you feel skigil. I too would like to watch Hulu on the Wii or any device trough my TV.
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is it possible with homebrew and a modified version of opera mehaps?
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