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Flash memory cards? In 2012?!?!?

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What kind of game format do you think they should be using?

Downloadable games can't be re-sold, and while game developers and publishers would love to destroy the used game market, a lot of people buy games used, or buy new games knowing they can sell them back to the store. Sony is playing it safe here.
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I was thinking that the nature of a platform like this would mean that unlike e.g. Steam or the iPhone that it would be device-specific, so there would be a way to have Windows-style per-device activation instead of a per-user activation. Since the unit would feature 3G it could 'phone home' as a DRM measure.

I have to say I wasn't thinking about the used physical game market infrastructure, but keeping those parties happy doesn't seem to me as important as staying relevant.
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Given how hard the PSP Go flopped, I'm not surprised.
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Hey, it worked for the DS...
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Well, this is Sony we're talking about...
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It's better than the UMDs. Considering the response to the PSP Go, people still want to possess the physical copies of their games.
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The question is, as I alluded to in my reply, if the opinions of those particular people matter over the long run. I don't think they do on a device like a 'connected' PSP.

The only reason people need to be able to resell games on a PSP is because of the upfront cost - which, lets face it, includes not just Sony's profit but for the entire distribution chain. Re-pricing games for download-only-acceptability, even if we were to take Apple's model, would make at least a notable portion of the 'need to resell' issues go away.

The mooted method of the NGP is a half-and-half approach appears to me to be a foot-shooting sop for the b&m retailers which relies on Sony for business, yet often plays little real part in making Sony visible/relevant in the marketplace - which I think only lets Apple pull further away in front for both casual and also increasingly more 'serious' games.
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Please, tell us what you'd use instead.
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