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Froyo is rolling out to the EVO!

At least according to Engadget, Froyo is finally starting to roll out. If so, I'm impressed! Anyway, if you're using the EVO, let us know if the update is available for you and how it's working!


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Updated mine yesterday from the leaked HTC file. It's fast, very fast. High 30s low 40s Linpack score. Flash is awesome, I have it set to load on demand so only running it when I want. Chrome to phone is cool but doubt I will use it much, waiting on the full media cloud sharing. Had some issues with my apps not showing up on the market, but fixed itself after a few reboots. Battery seems to take much longer to charge but also lasts longer. I did lose my root which I am sure a new root method will come along soon.
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Flashed it from the .zip file at XDA-Developers. I was able to maintain root, working great!
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