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October 30th 2012 2:42 am

Fusion Drive: If Apple charges $250 for the 1TB Fusion Drive upgrade on the Mac Mini, how much do you think it will charge for the 3TB upgrade on the new iMacs?

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Too much would be my guess. But probably in the $400-500 range.
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That's what I would have guessed.
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Entirely depends on what SSD they bundle with it - I guess it'll be double the size of the 1TB, so you're looking at $400ish.

At the moment Fusion Drive seems like a) a really good way to slow down the machine in comparison to a cache and/or b) a really good way to lose data.
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I disagree. My cached drive is hardly any faster than a stock drive. It's too early to call on reliability of the fusion drive, but the internet is hardly awash with people having problems with them
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