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October 10th 2012 2:38 pm

FX vs. DX: Jump in Image Quality?

I am an avid Nikon user and have been shooting on DX for 5 years now. I have been shooting with my D300 for 3 years and have loved the body's rugged feel and performance. The camera is a work horse. I was waiting for Nikon to make the right move before switching over to FX.

I am curious to know what the actual difference in image quality would be if I were to switch over. Firstly, the D300 has more autofocus points than the D600 (51 vs. 39), which concerns me. Second, megapixels aside, has anybody been able to shoot with the D600 and confirm that the richness and sharpness is better. Does the sensor in this case really become the deal breaker?

Also can anybody comment on the fact that the D600 doesn't offer as many external controls as the D300 and D800 do?

If I am going to sell my D300, grip, and entire bag of lenses essentially, I want to know I am making the right decision. A little voice inside my head keeps telling me to go for it, but then again, I keep wondering if Nikon simply put this model out there to attract more Canon users and entice people with the price rather than build a rock solid, game changer...

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The D300 is a great camera. I'm not sure I understand why you think you need to upgrade to FX and if so, why you're even considering the D600.

I hope you understand that you aren't going to get the full benefits of a FX (full frame) camera without good FX lenses. The lenses play a more important role in the eventual image quality, in my opinion. Simply switching bodies will not automagically give you discernable picture quality, unless you're coming from a complete crap camera which the D300 is far from.

My friendly advice to you is to invest in better lenses, not a new body. Once you're ready to truly switch to full frame, get something better than the D600.
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