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January 5th 2012 8:04 am

Galaxy Nexus Battery life ?

I have had the nexus for a few week and i have seen Battery go from bad to really bad now.

I am only getting about 1/2 a day on normal use I have used the Battery app in settings and Android OS is using about 25% of my Battery life.

I have resorted to getting an external Battery to keep it charged.

I went back to the store and I was told they will send it back but the can only give me a standard phone not a smart phone and it will take up to 2 weeks.

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Do you keep your gps turned on? How about brightness? these two things can make a huge difference.
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Yes I do keep GPS on brightness is about half
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I also had the same problem until I started using the extended battery. I think the stock battery was used to save Sammy money cause with extended battery I last as long as my Galaxy S2
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This is why I am moving away from Android until they start taking power management seriously. I have the Nexus S and with moderate use, I barely get 3/4 of a day of use out of it if im lucky.
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You have the Verizon version or GSM?
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I have the GSM
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1850 mAh
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waiting for a 2650 mAh from ebay for my sII
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I have the same experience. I'm recharging my Nexus nightly. It's a little inconvenient that we have to turn off the GPS or other features that eat up the battery life... but, that being said, this is a sweet phone, nonetheless.
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Really disappointed with the battery life. I'm new in Melbourne and need GPS almost all the time. Been keeping brightness to the minimum. Haven't even started playing videos/songs on the cell and just reading PDFs, checking maps, mail fetch, IMs and regular calls are eating it up all. Phone is not lasting for more than 15hrs and during actual usage only 8-11hrs. I'm thinking of swapping it with HTC Sensation XL - anyone used that before. I know that the platform is going to be really old as compared to ICS but really need a phone that can last.
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I don't know about the battery life on the stock ROM since I installed AOKP's ROM within a few hours of getting my phone. But I've been able to keep my phone going for 2-3 days with light/moderate usage that includes emails, texts, and a little bit of browsing.

You can try installing Advanced Task Killer and killing whatever apps are always running in the background that you don't need.
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with gps in use the battery will drain off within half day.
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