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October 19th 2012 1:57 pm

Galaxy Note II Launch Event

Are you guys going to their launch event in NYC? Any way a few loyal fans can get in too, and test drive this gadget?

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When is it? I'd love to go but unless I'm guarenteed actually getting a Note 2, it's not worth it for me to drive all the way there from VA. I've never been to such an event, and I'm sure it would be fun, but I need to save my money so that I can actually afford to buy one of these! :)
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It's sometime next week - highly doubtful they'd give away that kind of free stuff. You'd get to play with demos though.
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Hey, it's nice to dream, right? ;-) I just know that some companies DO give away devices at conferences. Maybe not Samsung, but Google obviously does and even HP did at their webOS conferences. Got a Palm Pre 2 for attending one. :)
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