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February 19th 2012 8:05 am

gdgt computer components categories

I reckon gdgt should extend the categories list to include computer components here is why.
  • computer hardware forums are full of passionate users who all list what they have, wouldn't it be good for gdgt to have there embedded widget on there.
  • A later step could be a system builder, build your dream system, this is my system etc.
  • could branch out and connect with other sites like tom's hardware just like they do with engadget.
  • components and mods have a huge community, bringing some of that over here would be great for all categories.
Any thoughts?

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I would agree with this change. I am quite knowledgeable about the parts market and would be willing to provide help and expertise for people in need. However there would be a few key problems that need to be sorted out.

The main challenge would be that there would be an exponential increase in the number of "gadgets" on the site, and then perhaps the real gadgets would get diluted with parts.

Websites that are dedicated to reviewing hardware generally have a set reference test system and suite of software they run. This allows consistencies for results and reviews. They also review multiple cards/chips to give great side by side comparisons. I do not feel this is something the end user can do effectively. For example, I can talk about how great a eVGA 560 ti works for my particular system, but there would be no reference point, as I don't have any other cards to compare on my system.

If gdgt were to expand, I would hope that they keep a good segregation between "gadgets" and "parts". I think it would bring a bit more traffic to the site and give me more open questions to answer. I support it, if it doesn't ruin what is currently in place
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