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November 13th 2012 6:10 pm

gdgt score of 82, you can't be serious...

Nothing but laud for this tablet in the score summary, yet the app ecosystem knocks 18 points to make the N10 barely above average, despite class leading specs and the most complete version of Android to date. ISHYGDDT

If I was looking at a black box of "Gadget X" and was only capable of seeing it's gdgt score of 82, I would think, "wow I almost definitely don't want that, no matter what it is." Yet in this case, I have been wanting it for two weeks and bought mine this morning. I know I'm not every person in the world but c'mon...

Legitimate criticism: app ecosystem leaves much to be desired when compared to Apple's app store. Build quality is still not on par with iProducts (but at it's price point, what more can you ask for). From the many, many reviews I've read, the screen falls short in some areas when compared to the iPad's, but still looks great.

But I mean...multiple user accounts, google now updates, and other Jellybean improvements on top of class leading hardware (ouputs/connectivity that other tablets do not have) aren't enough to nudge this guy up to a 90 at least? I can't...I don't...

*edit* so 90 is generous considering the Nexus 7 got an 88. Maybe 82 isn't such a low score, but is the iPad 4 really 15 points it's greater?

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i don't know if it deserves the 82 yet as i have not had the chance to play with the device yet.

i do know that from reading the spec sheet i was not all that impressed. its a dual core processor with two GB of ram. the Note 10.1 is a quad core with 2 GB of ram and looks similar to the Nexus 10 (both are made by samsung).

Yes it has a high DPI but thats just one feature and has a quad core graphics card . I am not sure of any other android tablets out there that offer that. it does not have a micros SD card slot. so you are stuck at 16 or 32 GB.

As for connectivity, Micro USB is fairly standard and I'm glad to see that on a Samsung device. the pogo pins, OK interesting but when are we going to get the accessories to take advantage of it? Micro HDMI, i can't say i have ever used that myself. if i was going to use this tablet to power a movie on my TV i wold think you would get the wireless display adapter for the TV since its a feature supported by JB 4.2.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are fairly standard now a days. the NFC is interesting but not sure why they specify "Android Beam" next to it. does that mean i wont be able to use NFC tags?

You also mentioned the new user accounts feature. This is one of those features i am not sure if its good or bad. Now I'm sharing my device with some one else but that now means they will have their own space on my tablet. Will a 16GB device be large enough for a family that is sharing the device?

Personally the Nexus 7 i think is a better device because i like that smaller form factor. it has that Tegra 3 Quad core and only 1 GB of ram. no rear facing camera though and i see myself more likely to have the Nexus 7 out and about where i would take advantage of the rear camera then i do the Nexus 10.

i hope that when we start seeing user reviews they will give us a better idea if the 82 is justified or not.
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Number of cores for a processor is no basis for judging how well it performs...just ask AMD. Check out the paragraph in the ars technica review of the N10 beginning with "To recap why the Exynos 5 is a big deal" http://bit.ly/RO1oCC The benchmark results are interesting as well. (btw the fact that gdgt summarizes ars tech's review as a 7/10 is a joke)

I agree about the pin connectors, it's very disappointing and strange that they add them in there and never use them. Hopefully we'll actually see something for the N10, and soon.

Cloud storage man! I don't understand why people are clinging to local files. Especially with this tablet being wifi only, there are few situations where you will be using this tablet and not be able to access your cloud stuff. When you know you'll be using it off wifi (a flight, etc.) just put your junk on locally. Google music lets you pin as much as you want locally. Let's face it, no SD card is an entirely illegitimate criticism. The iPad doesn't have it, the Nexus 7 doesn't have it. And we don't need it. You can get around 20 gigs of free cloud storage from various services (google drive, dropbox, etc.). Worst case scenario you plug a damn flash drive into it. I would do that way before I'd pay an extra 100 bucks for a marginal 16GB of storage.

I'm interested to see user reviews as well, I'll probably be writing one when I get mine. I am very much a moderate/objectivist when it comes to gadgets, but I really feel the N10 is getting shafted with an 82.
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to your storage point i need the storage. my commute is an hour via bus on a good day and there is no Wi-Fi so i usually am watching something i have on the SD card to kill time on the buss. At work there is no public Wi-Fi as thats locked down for "security" reasons.

As to your comparison to the iPad your right it doesn't have but this is an Android device and a lot if not most of them have it. Yes the Nexus 7 does not but i am hoping that is not becoming a trend. Yes i can get a tablet with 3G or 4G service but thats an extra 3 bucks a month i don't want to spend. Yes on some devices you can plug a flash drive in but not all and i am sure you can buy an adapter to go from full size USB to micro. I also have a few micro SD cards collecting dust that i have been given over the years and the same can be said for thumb drives. you got to love trade shows.

The Arstechnica review was good and i liked how the broke down the processors. Im curious what quad core A15s are going to be like. they also mentioned that not a lot of apps are optimized for quad core yet. I will admit my ignorance on this as i did not bother looking into any differences in the processors other than just the core count.
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Yeah, I don't see why value isn't considered in scores for gadget reviews. You'd think if you're trying to guide consumers that'd be a pretty important point.
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