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July 17th 2009 8:28 am

Get ITV HD on Sky for FREE!

Hi guys, just letting you know that if you have the new Sky+ HD EPG software that you are now able to get access to the ITV HD Channel. Apparently this channel is meant to be a Freesat only exclusive channel, but the new EPG software unlocks it.

Instructions as follows:

1. Hit the TV Guide button on the remote to get the EPG up on screen.
2. Navigate up to the top menu bar and scroll sideways until you reach the “Options” tab and select it.
3. Scroll along the secondary navigation bar until you get to “Add Channels” and select it.
4. Enter the Frequency of 11.427, Polarisation of H, Symbol Rate of 27.5 and FEC of 2/3 then press the Yellow button to find channels.
5. From the resuts available store the channel called 10510.
6. You can now access this channel from the “Other Channels” tab on the ” options navigation menu.
7. When there is no HD content available ITV HD displays a test card so you should know if it is working.


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good tip, thanks
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And as a further note to this tip, if you want to find out when ITV HD is showing HD stuff, check out the Freesat site, here: www.freesat.co.uk­/index.php­?page­=whatson.HDschedul...

You can also see here how much more the BBC have then ITV, lol.
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I don't know why but I couldn't pick up ITV HD. I could only find a load of rubbish radio channels :S
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Works fine for me - watched both England games in HD with no problems. Did you follow the instructions exactly?
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I did everything exactly and checked and retried it 3 or 4 times, but still couldn't get ITV HD :S
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You need the new EPG for it - the old EPG can't find ITVHD as it can't search the specific Symbol Rate or FEC...I forget which. Anyway, the new EPG can find it.
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2nd April is the launch date for the official ITV HD.
No more hacks :o)
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Good news! Finally they realise nobody wants Freesat HD!
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