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July 14th 2009 5:30 am

Getting backups to run on wii 4.0

I desperately want to get backups working on my wii (the backups would be used legally-I'm paranoid about keeping my discs in good condition). I have homebrew channel installed but now I'm stuck! Please help me. I used the bannerbomb exploit to install the homebrew channel. Thanks!

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There really is no reason for Back ups. I have never understood this argument. I have NEVER damaged any of my disks to the point that they no longer work. All my games and movies are in perfect condition, and stuff like my PC Gamer Demo disks are Scratched to high heaven and they still work.
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This guide should help you quite a bit. It helped me back up my games for my Wii. I travel a lot with my Wii and it's easier to keep all of your games on a small portable hard drive instead of carrying around 10-15 Discs :)


I would help you more but all of the info is there and i'm going to bed :D
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Thanks! I'll give that a try.
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