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March 5th 2014 1:49 am

Getting into the Wireless Industry

I am a college senior studying economics and I have had a deep passion for technology. I have experience with computer hardware and software at an intermediate level. My biggest passion are cellphones and their carriers. I have to have the latest information on the newest phones, mobile OS's, just about anything to do with phones. I even look at the same information on the same phone from different sources just to get a different perspective. I want to work in this industry and I would like to know where to start. How can I get my feet into the wireless industry? whether its with the carriers themselves or with the phones

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My best advice to you to get your foot in the door is to look for either an internship (since you are in college) or even a new grad position. These types of positions usually are not too hard to get into, and they will help ease you into the industry if you don't have any experience.

My second tip is to apply anywhere you want to work. Even for multiple positions at the same company.

I went straight from University into a job at BlackBerry, and I had a blast. I didn't do anything special. I applied for multiple jobs online using us.blackberry.com­/company­/careers.html

In the end I had 3 interviews for 3 different positions at BlackBerry, and eventually got 3 job offers for those positions

Although I am not currently in the wireless industry, I still think its a fantastic thing to aim for, and encourage you to try your best!
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