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September 28th 2011 1:12 pm

Gimmicky pricing is annoying

It's too bad that the press (incl. gdgt) continues to proclaim the ad-supported price of these new devices, rarely mentioning the considerably higher price of the ad-free versions. It's lazy reporting. Or are people just not bothered by the advertising?

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Well, it's actually Amazon's press release that stated that the Kindle is "as low as $79". In a way, everyone is acknowledging that the price will increase if you want no advertising or 3g built-in. But it's only $25 more for no advertising for the cheapest model, just as much as the 2 year support package.
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It's too bad that the press (incl. gdgt)...

As most of our content is user generated, we're technically not a news site. :) So, it's great that you've brought the price of the new Kindles up!

To answer your question, I don't think people are that bothered by the Kindle's advertising. It's fairly unobtrusive in the scheme of things. There might be some lazy reporting by tech media there, but Amazon didn't really differentiate the prices either in their announcement.

More than anything, I'm surprised that the non-special offers Kindles are about $40 more expensive. They must really make a lot of money off their advertising if they expect that much return. But hey, for students and people with smaller budgets, it's nice to have the option of a cheaper device -- advertisements or not.
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For me, as long as it's not banner ads trying to sell me weight loss solutions, I can live with it. From what I've seen, these ads are unobtrusive and advertise stuff that I might actually be interested in seeing.
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I have the ad supported Kindle Keyboard and if I had to buy all over again...i'd get the ad supported version. The ads aren't that bad and actually a lot of the offers have been great. I'm loving my audible trial, and I've gotten a lot of great 10 for 20 dollar offers to Amazon.
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The advertisements don't bother me as much because I'm used to that kind of trickery, but the fact that the product page automatically defaults to the ad-supported versions annoys me.

No, that's not the version I want on my wish list, thank you very much.
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Interesting feedback on both points. Dave's point is well-taken re: how lucrative these offers must be for Amazon to sell the device for so much less. But I still think it's slightly slimy that Amazon is leading with the ad-supported version of their products and that the news media reporting on the event (like it's real news) falls for it hook, line and sinker.
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