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September 1st 2013 12:41 pm

Go get this now, or better to wait & see?

It's a funny time as a mobile phone buyer; there are some okay deals on the market now, but they mostly exist to allow retailers & carriers to clear out stock in prep of holiday phone releases.

I'm totally aware of this, yet am getting pretty tempted by the low $250 price for a 16 gig Nexus 4.

Am currently switching between an iPhone 4 and HTC 8x as daily drivers.

Kind of considering an iPhone 5 or 5S as well; just got an iPhone 5 for the wife (feel okay about that since we're within an exchange/return window for when the iPhone 5S comes out)...am surprisingly impressed by it.

Thinking of pros & cons to switch to something new now vs waiting.

The camera is my main point of hesitation on the Nexus 4 - I have a toddler and I mainly use my phone camera to take pictures of my son, who constantly in motion when not asleep. The iPhone (even my aging iPhone 4) is fast and responsive and captures great pictures of him. The HTC 8x has auto-focus that is hit & miss. I'm concerned that the Nexus 4 will be more like the HTC 8x than the iPhone...

On the other hand, iOS' continued reliance on iTunes for moving data on/off the device is annoying and not really how I use a phone anymore. I love that I can plug my HTC 8x into any PC I'm using and quickly manage my music. (I tend to buy mp3s via Amazon these days...don't stream enough where Rdio or spotify subscription makes a ton of sense)

Anyway - I'm sure any modern phone would work fine for me.

Cost is a concern, but I'd rather not get on a financing payment plan. I am on T-mobile.

Device durability is also a concern, since the toddler likes to chew on things and phones can drop. (but I figure a decent case on the Nexus 4 will do the job)

LTE would be nice but isn't super crucial (vast majority of my time is at work or home, both have wi-fi)

If anyone has some suggestions/comments that could guide me or maybe point out something I haven't considered, please let me know.

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I'd say wait for the next iPhone's launch and see what happens. That's usually one of the biggest events of the entire year in mobile, and when it finally hits retail, it's the best time to buy a new smartphone, even if you pass on that new iPhone. The iPhone 5 will probably get a price cut; a lower-cost iPhone (5C) might be released; possibly a new Nexus around the corner; or just another bargain deal on a current phone.
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