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August 29th 2009 3:15 pm

Golf on the Wii...

I bought my Wii to leave at my parents' house, since I didn't think they'd buy one for themselves.

My dad has always liked golf (not miniature), and I think he might play a golf game if I bought one for him. I know that golf is included in the Wii sports, but that's like 9 or 18 holes, right? Seems to me you'd get bored pretty quick.

Tiger Woods seems to be the big golf game, and from the reviews I've looked at, 2009 fell short. So it's either 2008, which seems difficult to find, or 2010. Did I read right that there's 27 courses on just the one disk? And is the motion plus any good with 2010?

There seems to be a lot of other golf games, but I don't see any reference to how many different courses/holes they have.

I'll probably rent before I buy, but I thought I'd get some other opinions first.

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Well , having not played anything but the sports and sports resort golf. Tiger woods 10 was said to be the best and most realistic golf game out there and i liked xplays review of it
As for the motion plus, it actually adds almost true one to one, and i know the golf for sports resort with motion plus was almost perfect, showed how bad i am at real golf.
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exactly, wii sports resort and tiger woods both have great golf. only difference is with tiger woods 10 you get many real world courses, whereas WSR has fake courses. you can do frisbee golf in both games, but I preferred the tiger woods version a little better. again, its more of a simulation than WSR. WSR is easier to just boot up and jump into a game though like with the original wii sports.
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For what it's worth, I heard Tiger Woods 10 is awesome. I'm not into golf myself, but from the constant research I do in regards to Wii games, it has received many accolades especially in terms of MotionPlus integration.

Also, it's quite rare for the Wii version of a game to score higher than it's XBox 360 and PS3 cousins (both received a Metascore of 80 compared to 88 on the Wii):

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