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January 2nd 2014 5:33 pm

Good technology books to read

I'm ready to start reading some interesting technology books this year. What are some good books I should read about gadgets and tech companies?

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I've been reading Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton about the founding of Twitter. It's a good inside look at the kinds of people behind technology start ups, the culture of technology, and the cutthroat nature of business. I like how well researched it is and that it isn't trying to cast a golden glow on any one person or thing so on that level it feels honest and intriguing .
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I know its not a book, but I am a perennial subscriber to Wired magazine. I think it has very interesting articles about these sorts of things. You can read a lot of their content online though for free if you wish
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I'm reading this at the moment: www.amazon.com­/Makers­-The­-New­-Industrial­-Revolutio...

I work in the field, so it's a little bit of a mix between overblown statements and things I already knew, but it's still an interesting read. I think it's also good to refresh my perspective, since I am no longer so amazed by things like 3D printing and other CNC equipment now that I see them every day.
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The Steve Jobs biography and Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution should be interesting reads. I haven't read Dogfight, but I'm quite excited about getting to it soon.
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