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October 13th 2011 2:08 pm

Google Calendar vs iCal+iCloud

of the many tech reviews and articles i haven't seen much in the way of a comparison of using Google Calendar vs iCal and iCloud, or what, if any, compatibility issues there are. I've been a google calendar user for years now, but I'm reading that some people are experiencing issues with their gCal and iCloud, like double appointments/events and such. do i need to have my iPhone calendar syncing to iCloud if it already syncs via exchange and my gmail account? this is where i get confused. aside from my storage issue here gdgt.com­/question­/other­-is­-using­-21­-9­-gbs­-of­-my­-st... i'm liking iOS5, especially the new notifications, though still not perfect and the FINALLY shortened text/message tones

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so i have been able to verify that i do have to choose, either continue syncing my google contacts and calendar via exchange OR iCloud... anyone have great reasons why i should go with one over the other?
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I would actually like to hear some opinions on this also. At first I started switching everything over to iCloud, and mostly because I was excited to start using a new service. I then thought to myself "so...what advantage does one have over another?". Google calendar will sync to both, so will iCloud; both have similar features in terms of alerts; input of events are a little easier on iCloud because alerts come up in the new event pop up whereas in Google calendar you have to hit edit event then set the alert; iCloud web interface is definitely slower than Google calendar but this may improve as the service has time to mature.

So the only disadvantage that I can see at the moment is that if you like to swap out phones a lot then choosing a pure Apple scenario doesn't help when switching to a Google Android phone. Although, if using Google then all services pretty much work on both.

If Siri can work with calendars synced to Google without issue I might just keep everything the way it is and use iCloud for files (music, documents and photos) for the time being.

Any other opinions?
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I'm in the process today of switching from google to iCloud. At the moment, I can't find an advantage of one over the other. I chose to switch to iCloud though because, as with all Apple products in the Apple Ecosystem, they work really well together.
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