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May 15th 2013 1:08 pm

Google I/O 2013 Keynote shows off new software and features

The keynote is still happening but so far Google has shown off some new stuff for their services. I'll keep updating this as they come out but feel free to share your thoughts.
  • Synced notifications: now when you dismiss a notification on your phone it will dismiss on your tablet
  • Unlocked Galaxy S4 developer edition: It's the Galaxy S4 but without TouchWiz and running pure Android
  • Google Games: offers a way to keep saved games between devices as well as compete against friends
  • Play Music All Access: Google's music subscription service that integrates with Play Music to help give you recommendations and build playlists based your likes. It will be $9.99/month but only $7.99 if you sign up before June. This is live now: https:­/­/play.google.com­/music/
  • Checkout Button: you can order from inside of Chrome and it will use Google Wallet to pay for the item
  • Google Play Education: gives education institutions more tools for managing Google App and Chromebook products. For example one click install for all devices.
  • Google Plus getting 41 new features
  • >New feed layout that is less flat and more information dense, kind of like a news paper.
  • >Enhanced photo features like Highlights which will go through all your photos and choose the best ones, making it easier to sort through your vacation photos.
  • >Auto-enhance for photos to quickly improve the look of your photos
  • New product called Hangouts: this will allow for conversations and deep history conversation so you can easily go back and see memorable moments.
  • Google Now gets public transportation updates and reminders
  • Enhanced voice features for Google Now and search on browser.
  • Redesigned Google Maps experience.
  • >Enhanced public transportation information including schedules.
Watch here: www.youtube.com­/watch­?feature­=player­_embedded­&...

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Synced notifications has been on my wishlist for a long long time :)

I just tuned into the keynote (meaning I missed most) but is Google Play Music finally coming to Canada? My guess is nope, cause our copyright laws are archaic
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I'd guess it's due to the Music license holders/parent companies not yet agreeing to license their music to Google Music streaming, not the copyright laws at fault.
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Perhaps not, but Nokia Music was launched yesterday, and if a company like Nokia can find a solution, I sure would hope Google could.
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There doesn't appear to be a way to go offline with the Hangouts app on iOS. I'm pretty sure I heard them mention in the keynote that it's smart enough to stop mobile notifications if you're signed in on a computer, but it doesn't appear that this is working.

The only thing you can do is sign out, but then you'll have to log back in any time you want to use the app, but that's a slight inconvenience.
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