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February 22nd 2014 2:16 pm

Google Music in Canada

I'm not sure if this is a common opinion but I'd like to find out: if Google Music was fully available in Canada and was competitive with iTunes Match I would have an Android phone. I wouldn't even have to think twice about it. However as it stands I'm simply too invested in the Apple ecosystem with an iTunes music library over 100GB which I access using iTunes Match everyday on my 64GB 4S on an unlimited data plan (I keep about 20-30GB on the phone and stream the rest). If I could do this on an Android for about the same money I would, they look like nicer phones to use every day, but they simply don't deliver on the music access where I live. Canada doesn't have Google Music, Amazon Cloud, or Pandora; if you want streaming music here you get it from Apple. So in my round-about way of saying it I'm asking for opinions on the mobile music market in Canada, and for suggestions as to how I might get music on an Android here.

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You are mostly correct. As a fellow Canadian, I know the pain of not having proper music services. Google frankly doesn't even care about bringing music or TV here, and its the fault of our own messed up copyright laws.

I will give you a few alternatives though for streaming.

My personal favourite is Nokia MixRadio. It works fantastic on windows phone, but no Android app yet.

There is an android app for Xbox Music (https:­/­/play.google.com­/store­/apps­/details­?id­=com.... )

Deezer is another app popular up here, because it is available in 182 countries. There is an android app (https:­/­/play.google.com­/store­/apps­/details­?id­=deez... )
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Style Jukebox Cloud Player is what you should check out!

It's available on Windows, Android, Windows Phone and iOS
Store 1,000 songs for free (MP3, AAC, WMA or AAC)
Go Premium for $24.99 and add 20,000 songs (including FLAC and ALAC)
Unlimited usage. No country restrictions.

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