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June 12th 2013 4:43 pm

Google Now is awesome! Warning me of a tornado :)

I have always liked Google Now for its relevance and geofencing-ish abilities.

But this is really cool. A tornado is supposedly heading for me, and a bunch of my friends and myself are getting Google Now alerts to warn us of impending doom.

Granted the tornado is probably not likely to reach us, but in times like this, it is good to see this information being spread out in as many ways as possible. Radio, Online News, TV, Google Now,

There probably isn't much for discussion, but I felt like I wanted to share this.

Do other mobile OS's have similar emergency alert systems in place?

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It warned me of a thunderstorm the other day, which caused me to grab my stuff and rush to my car just in time to avoid getting me and my stuff rained on. I was pretty happy about that.
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I only know of 3rd party weather alerts doing this. I checked the default weather app in iOS and didn't see the option.
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I am on Android. I have received weather alerts at least twice that I can remember.
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I was kind of agreeing with you both in saying I've only seen 3rd party apps doing it.
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I don't know about with other countries, but iOS5 adds support for Japan's early warning system.
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iOS 6 added support for the Emergency Alert System the US Government uses - www.networkworld.com­/community­/blog­/apple­-adds­-eme... So theoretically that's where Google Now is getting the alert, from NWS, however I doubt it got pushed to iOS users. I only seem to get push notifications about tornado watches and warnings in my area on my iPhone from the Weather Channel App.
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