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June 27th 2012 1:36 pm

Google officially announces the Nexus 7 its first Nexus tablet. Priced at $199 can it put out the Fire?

There have been rumors for a couple months now and Google has made it official during its 2012 I/O keynote. It has some pretty serious specs, including a 12-core GPU! Google is also pushing a lot with their content via the Play Store, improved Currents app and now support for magazines. It's being priced at $199 with $25 Play credit. With the Kindle Fire and B&N Nook Tablet being strong leaders in the Android tablet market do you think Google can take them over?

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The Nexus 7 has one huge advantage over the Fire and the Nook: it doesn't belong to a walled garden. With the Fire and the Nook you can only buy what the booksellers have decided to make available, while the Nexus 7 gives you access to the entirety of Google Play. That in itself makes it a better bargain.
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Absolutely. I love the Nook Tablet I bought for my wife. Dual core, slick design, fantastic screen, very solid and great for media consumption. But the app selection is UTTER HOT GARBAGE!!!!! As such, she can keep the nook tablet, and the Nexus 7 is allllll miiinneeee!
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I am trying to order one. The Google Play store seems overloaded (or at least the Canada part is). Haven't had success yet.

I think its a great device for the money, and a solid impulse buy. If I don't like it, then its not a big financial investment.

Best budget tablet yet.

Edit: Case for it is not available in Canada, Pricing is $209/$259, and shipping is unknown yet. Will not buy if shipping is unreasonable
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Completed the order. 2 Day shipping (the only option) was $19.99

Total cost for the 16GB in Canada to your door is $291
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Thanks for sharing your informative and valuable experience. You've got me considering a purchase, as well.
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android has a lot of apps. but, I find many of them unusable. I think a good portion of the play store has non-sense apps. But, Android does have a lot of games. But, they don't feel as polished as iOS games. I feel in the upcoming year, Windows phone games are going to feel smoother due to the inclusion of DirectX.
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They are not bad at all, many are very polished, you just have to know how to look.
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But you really do need to dig to find these more polished ones, whereas on iOS, you don't really need to put any effort into looking. When it comes to games, I think Android will be the worst of the 3 choices by the end of 2013 (a little over a year after WP8 gets Direct X and native code support).
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I will definitely be ordering one but I'll wait until July to order, not in a rush. My only thing now is should I get the 8GB or 16GB one.

This was a no brainer for me for the following reason.

- Nexus device so no waiting for the next OS update, straight from Google.
- 7 inch tablet, which I think is the ideal tablet size.
- $199 price point
- $25 play credit and a copy of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (Love Transformers) :oP
- And Jellybean, yea that too lol
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I got a Kindle Fire for my wife and an iPad 3 for me. Moving between the two really highlights the differences between screen resolution and touch sensitivity... they're miles, and miles apart and the experience is literally jarring! So with the Nexus 7 having a higher screen resolution and Jellybean having increased touch sensitivity, to me that signals a significant change for the better. Will a $200 tablet ever compete with a $500 tablet? Never, ever!! But the Nexus 7 has definitely raised the bar within the $200 - $300 tablet space.
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I think it absolutely crushes anything in that price range. With those specs, nothing else comes close. I don't think it needs to compete with the Ipad nor do I think it's trying to. This is all about market share, and Google is about to grab a big piece of the pie. I'll tell you this though, except for the difference in screen size, I don't see any functionality/interface/application advantages that the ipad has over this. It's pretty much screen size and that's it.
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remember theresolution, but I don't really care TOO much about it (take note that I do care) but is not the most important thing in a tablet, as long as is not super grainy and I can read text wihout zooming to uncomfortable levels its ok for me, its about raw gaming power
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Looks good, and price is good (for the US), we Aussie have to pay an extra $50! Which is not really fair as we're on par (and at times more then) with the USD!
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When Nexus 7 will available for International shipping ? :(
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I think it will eat quite a bit into the Kindle Fire's share with the updated set of specs, plus access to all GApps through the Play Store, but not be a Fire-killer - Amazon has a much better media ecosystem. But I don't think it will make people who already have Fires ditch them for the Nexus. I have a Fire now and the Nexus 7 is not special enough for me to ditch my Fire for, if I want a tablet upgrade, it will be for something like MS Surface or the Transformer.
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On specs alone and the fact that I have access to the full range of apps, I'd ditch my fire in an instant. For the same price, it's 2 times the tablet!
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Buying mine as soon as the bills are paid on Friday (priorities you know). This tablet is a no brainer for me. The only features I wish it had were a micro USB slot and micro HDMI slot but at the $199 price point, I can certainly live without those. The screen resolution and quad core processor more than make up for it.

My only question is, will I regret not getting 16GB one? I'd only download movies once in a blue moon. Is it really worth it?
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I had the same worry as you. I ended up going for 16GB in the end. I realize a lot of my stuff will be on the cloud, but a $50 difference works out to about $4 a month if I keep the tablet for a year, and less if i keep it longer.

I justify things this way in my messed up head
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Its nice, don't need it but looking forward to what amazon and Barnes and noble have to offer later this year
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Among the tech savvy, I don't think there's any question that the Nexus 7 is far superior in every way to its $200 tablet competition.

The main advantage I think the Kindle Fire has is that it's sold on Amazon and many buyers are familiar with the Kindle brand. In the past, Nexus phones haven't really taken off in terms of mainstream sales and I think that same barrier (it's only sold through Google) holds true for this Nexus device.
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Native Gmail will be a huge advantage, but if it blocks Amazon's book/music/video content, and even Amazon's own app store, it may "cut off its nose to spite its face."

I don't think any devices in this class will be truly transformative until they allow consumption of media from ALL major outlets. Currently, device choice is more about the user's preference of Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu+, Netflix, etc., than it is about the device itself.

Google is good at many things, but Google Play, for anything other than apps, is a distant second to any other choice for media consumption.
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it won't cut it, as its google its still open source, I doubt they will block it.
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I think the Nexus 7 has many hardware AND software advantages, not only having a much sleeker, much better obtimized, and much newer software but having a hardware that just blows away anybody for that price point, considering some high end tablets have similar specs, its still a budget tablet, but it blurries the line between, high and low end, this will change everything. All over again...
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I really do think that the Nexus 7 can put out the KF and NT because it is a full android tablet with the latest android technology. It has a camera, althought there is just one and it can only be used for video chat, and that will give a lot of things that neither other tablet can offer. It has a 1.3 GHz cuad-core CPU which gives it an advantage over the KF and NT. I just think that overall, the Nexus 7 is a way better Tablet for the same price as the KF and NT and therefore is the better buy.
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