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November 20th 2009 8:55 pm


I got it to run on VirtualBox but I cant seem to log into my google.com account does anyone else have this problem?

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@google.com accounts are for google employees only. That section of the OS is currently unavailable for @gmail.com users. Hopefully future releases will support @gmail.com users.
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Sathariel, please post your VM settings (system memory, video memory, etc.) Also, how much mem does your host box have?
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Base Memory: 2048 MB
Processor(s): 1
Boot Order: Floppy, CD/DVD-ROM, Hard Disk
VT-x/AMD-V: Enabled
Nested Paging: Disabled

Video Memory: 12 MB
3D Acceleration: Disabled
Remote Display Server: Disabled

I would allocate more memory for it but I'm running on my laptop which only has 4GB.
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