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May 7th 2013 7:39 am

Got a Pebble and an HTC One? I found out why the One unlocks with just a tap.

I was getting really annoyed recently with the One's lockscreen because it stopped requiring me swipe when unlocking the phone. Instead, it would unlock when I tap anywhere on the lock screen. This can become problematic when you're controlling the music player from the lockscreen since the phone will unlock once you press any of the buttons.

Apparently, the reason why it does that is because a service in the Accessibility menu is on which would include Tasker, Pebble, Pebble Notifier, etc.

Anyway, I can't claim that I found the answer myself. I found it by searching on XDA (forum.xda­-developers.com­/showthread.php­?p­=40407262...). I thought that there would be some users here that might want to know.

Hope this helps if you're having trouble!

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Thanks. This should be useful once I get the Pebble... And the HTC One! I pre-ordered both forever ago and still waiting for them. >.
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Good to know. I have a pebble and my One is arriving this week (switching from an iPhone 4).
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This is by design. The purpose of accessibility mode is to create one-touch access to the phone for users with physical challenges. What's really required here is a new type of API or software layer for devices like the Pebble.
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I figured that it was for that reason but I wish there was an option for disabling the single tap functionality. :(

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Is the accessibility option *required* for the Pebble to function properly?
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