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February 8th 2010 7:01 pm

Graphics card


I am looking to upgrade the Gfx card to something that will be compatible with Windows 7.
I won't do any gaming with it (seriously, none i have a PS3 for that) just want something for daily use, Google earth etc so not looking to spend a small fortune. Must be PCI-X as it will be going in to a Dell Optiplex GX620.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Check out the Radeon 5670.


Its not a gaming card but still has enough omph for Google Earth and any 3D accelerated applications you might encounter.

It will support Direct X 11 (direct compute apps), Open GL / Open CL, has the latest for hardware video acceleration, and can support 3 monitors if that's your thing. All for a $99...
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and an even cheaper version came out today... the Radeon 5570... its the same chip as the 5670 but is even cheaper at $79. Stay away from the 5450.... that thing might struggle with Google Earth at any HD resolution.
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Are you planning on watching HD video with it?

But in all seriousness any card that's not old or really cheap will do the job. The super-expensive ones are aimed at gamers, but something like an nVidia 8600 should be available quite cheaply and has enough power for anything other than hardcore games.

Also, like anything, the more you spend now the more future proof your purchase will be, and every little bit of performance helps.
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No video (beyond checking files) as it all goes to the PS3.
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