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December 25th 2012 12:53 am

Great device

These phones rock. Since I have AT&T, I'll likely get the One X+ with 4GLTE when my contract renews. I have a graphics design firm and think it would be great for viewing images of my work in such a large format before sending it to my New York clients. I now seem to require 4GLTE but iPhones are just too small!

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If you'd like something even bigger, the Samsung Galaxy Note II may fit you even better. Its screen is not as high-quality as the one on the HTC One X+, but it is still fantastic. Plus, it's 0/8-inches bigger, giving you 5.5-inches (diagonally) to work with. The Galaxy Note II also has significantly better battery life.
Of course, the added screen-realestate comes at a cost (both of its meanings): the Galaxy Note II is both more expensive and bigger overall than the One X+, making it less comfortable to use (especially if you intend on using it with just one hand).
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If you don't need 64GB of storage or that massive horse-power the One X+ provides, you can opt for the cheaper yet still great HTC One X. It has the exact same screen and almost indistinguishable from the design standpoint as the One X+, but with a less powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC and 32GB of on-board storage.
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