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September 9th 2009 4:44 pm

Happy 10th Anniversay to the Sega Dreamcast!!! 09/09/09

With all that's happening today (Apple Music Event, Beatles releases, New Leica M9 and X1 Camera releases); let's not forget that it was 10 years ago today, that one of the most endearing Game Consoles was released in the U.S. (released in Japan; November 27, 1998). Let's crack open a beer and take a nice hardy gulp for the Dreamcast. Cheers!!

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Dammit! Wish we could edit the topic and not just the body! Sorry for the Typo...
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Happy Anniversary Dreamcast!! Maybe I'll celebrate with some Soul Calibur - still my favorite DC game and the reason we got it! I remember me and 2 roommates chipped in a bought the dreamcast off of ebay - then went to gamestop when it was delivered and bought Soul Calibur and some extra controllers. We played the crap out of that game!! The newer version look better, but everything you need was in that game.......

Still miss the sound of the VMU's beeping when you turned it on and the whirly dreamy little intro song..... still gives me goosebumps...
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still have my dreamcast great system still one of my favs
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I have the original white Dreamcast and the black sports edition Dreamcast... I'd like to get some of the other rare colors too and may import them... The Dreamcast is still going strong!
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I think I'll power up my Dreamcast in its honor. Besides, I never finished Shenmue...
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Happy 9/9/9!
Love me some Dreamcast!
Couple of tribute pieces I put together this week:
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Thanks for passing along the Tribute pieces. I remember watching the G4 Icon show featuring the Dreamcast and watched it again via your site. The Sega Dreamcast 101 article was very informative and felt sentimental while reading it. I recommend any Dreamcast fan to read this. Thanks again!
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Happy birthday to my favorite gaming console of all time!
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Woo happy dreamcast day everybody!!
Unfortunatley i can't celebrate this momentous occasion as I don't have a SCART lead for my beloved DC :'(
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Shenmue,greatest game ever and DC is my fave system ever. I keep one still new in the box and my other DC still hooked up and working.
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