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August 15th 2009 10:08 pm

Happy Birthday Genesis.

Oh Sega, we hardly knew ye. It sees like just yesterday that you were full of promise, splitting the blockbuster with SNES. Then you gave me a Sega CD, and took it away. I never forgave you, really.


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I never bought the SegaCD, but I did get suckered into the 32X. Not a bad addition, but still wasted moneys.
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happy 20th birthday to a significant part of my childhood.
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This month's Nintendo Power has this blurb on the cover:

"We Celebrate 20 Years of the Sega Genesis"

Oh, what a brave new world we live in.
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kinda sad really.... like that Mario & Sonic game that came out... It seemed ok but it was also video game blasphemy!!
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