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December 10th 2013 10:42 am

Has anyone noticed!! Engadget featuring less articles.

Has anyone else noticed the considerable drop in the frequency of new articles. In the past year more and more of veteran stuff have left the news organization. What's happening at engadget.com?

Engadget was my #1 place for tech savvy news. There was a time that missing 1 day of Engadget meant going back to catch up on 3 to 4 pages of news. Now we'd be lucky to get 15 articles a day.

I love Engadget but the lack of coverage is pushing me to other sites for comprehensive tech news. Granted, I have seen a rise in Engadget original content. Yet why does that have to take away from what we all love about Engadget?

Has anyone else noticed the significant drop in number or articles or is it just me?

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Are you so sure posting volume is down?

Today, December 11: 29 articles, as of 4pm ET (still 8 hours to go in the day!)

December 10: 43 articles
December 9: 30 articles

Now, on December 8 we only posted 12 articles, but keep in mind that's a Sunday: which is, and always has been, a slow news day. It's also December, when many companies are withholding their big announcements for CES. On an average weekday you should see 30-40 articles from us.

As you point out, we've doubled down on creating quality original content, but that doesn't mean our volume has suffered one bit.

Is there particular content you feel we're lacking? Is there an announcement or bit of news you feel we should have covered? Please let us know.
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