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September 26th 2011 11:06 pm

Has anyone seen this Verizon / iPad 2 commercial? All the scenes are outdoors.

Watching some Monday Night Football and just saw this commercial for the iPad 2 on Verizon. Has anyone seen it?


I know commercial advertising takes a lot of liberties, but nearly all the scenes show people using the iPad 2 outdoors under bright sunlight! Hah. Anyone who has used any smartphone or tablet (with a non e-ink display), knows it's pretty unenjoyable under bright sunlight.

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I actually don't mind using my iPad 2 outdoors in the sun. Turning the brightness up a lot makes it quite readable.
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I noted the same thing about the commercial, but with the opposite observation. I thought it was humorous that the last scene has someone taking a photo during a nighttime campout! First of all, if you have your tablet with you (any tablet), I question whether that's called camping. But second, how good is a photo taken with that camera in that situation?
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Yeah, I saw that commercial on Sunday while watching football and chuckled myself. Will people sue if they buy one expecting to read on a lawn chair in the sun? Does the 2 still overheat outdoors like the first one did?
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what i noticed is it's connected to wifi & not 3g (i think i saw that anyway).
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Truth in advertising.
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Like gomer said, the iPad 2 (and iPhone 4) screens have always been fine for me outdoors. Even in bright sunlight, if I turn up the brightness a bit higher than I usually set it to I can read it perfectly well.
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