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Have it for a week now, so I can write my opinion regarding this keyboard.

First of, it is cool. The lighting/audio effect and detachable numpad are very cool.
Nicely weighted. Deep black gloss, attract finger prints but because of it is very black... finger prints are not too noticeable.

Every keys can be program, so i can switch "s" key to be "t" key. The macro settings are very useful when you play lots of button-smashing games. Instead of pressing a key repeatedly, you can assign macro to do it for you.

Keys actuation is very fast and responsive. Far better than regular dome/membrane keys. I think it's almost match mechanical keyboard minus the noise (but some people likes the noise, so i guess it's depend).

The keys are a bit bigger and spread more, it's about 110% full size keyboard. I have to stretch my fingers a lot to hit combo keys. But again this is GAMING keyboard, not for TYPING. It prioritize speed, responsive, and cool factor NOT for word processing.

The sound effect still a bit buggy. Sometimes it play the sound sometimes it doesn't. I would say about 0.2% no sound effect. But this is still new with new software and firmware (latest as of today 1.01)... so I think it will be fixed next update.

Braided cord. Looks like it's a very high quality cord.
Minor negative: it uses generic cheapo screws. For such a highly stylized high-end device, I think they can use cooler looking screws to match the TRON theme. But like I said, only small details. Nothing impact performance.

Packaging can be better. Razer sets a very high standard of packaging/marketing materials, and this is not there IMO. Razer Mamba/Megalodon have more polished packaging (same source like every other device, made in china). If there's a competition about packaging design in computer category, Razer would be winning... matched by the likes of Apple.

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