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August 18th 2014 2:26 pm

Have you tried using a standing desk? If so, did it convert you or did fall back into your chair?

Our wonderful, and funny, Daniel Cooper shared (www.engadget.com­/2014­/08­/18­/irl­-homemade­-standing­-...) his experiences with using a standing desk for work. I currently don't have one at home myself, but when I was visiting our San Francisco office I had the pleasure of using one. I only had the opportunity of using it for two days, but I have to say I agree with Dan on this point: "Part of the process has been learning how to manage yourself while at a standing desk, which has changed over time."

The first day I used it I tried to power through the day, but only making it until around 11:30/12:00 before my legs started to cramp up. I was using the soft mat which does help a lot, but at the same time you are working some muscles you probably don't use on the regular. I definitely also had to adjust how I stood, needing to make sure I stayed forward on the balls of my feet versus resting on my heels. I also had some form and posture issues I had to work on too.

In spite of these posture issues I did like it. I felt more awake through the day and it was far easier to come into the office and spring right into work. Going right into the chair is almost always a surefire way to slowly ease into the day.

All that said, I don't think i could change at home. It'd be hard to not get a similar style desk as to what was in the office. They came with lift controls so you can easily raise and lower the desk. If I was to make the change I think I would have to go for that kind of desk. I know they make hybrid ones, but I am very particular about how my desk is set up and I think having more stuff would annoy me.

I'm curious to hear about others, if they have made the change or not? I've also heard of people going for the yoga/exercise ball instead of the standing desk.

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Have you ever worked a cash register? I used to work as a cashier and I had to stand for eight hours a day, I find standing desks to not be too dissimilar. However, there are differences, in that at a cash register you're constantly moving back and forth, so there's some aerobic activity involved.

When I used the standing desk I kept it up for a while but ended up going back to a seated position more out of boredom than muscle cramps. I tend to prefer to sit in a half lotus anyway, so I know I'm a little unusual and wouldn't benefit in the same way as others.

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Have you ever worked a cash register?

I consider myself fortunate enough to have never worked at register.
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At my old job I took over someone's standing desk (we kind of sort of shared a desk). This desk wasn't convertible, and I decided I didn't like it. The second day without consulting the other guy I pulled the desk out and replaced it with a traditional desk and told him to deal with it.

A couple years later now, I am playing a ton of hockey and am getting my back bashed and twisted several times a week. With my back being sore, I think sitting won't do me any favours. I have finally given in and ordered a standing desk for work a couple weeks ago. A proper convertible one from ergotron.


It hasn't come in yet, but I look forward to trying it. Worst case scenario I resume sitting
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I've been recommended to get this if I don't want a full on commitment www.varidesk.com­/stand­-up­-desks­?gclid­=Cj0KEQjwyMaf...
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Interestingly enough, the Varidesk models you linked were the models my company originally approved for us.

Something changed though however and now they are getting us the ergotrons. I'll take what I am given! :)

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I love my standing desk at work! (Mine is a convertible type, which is really nice) I don't know if there are positive health benefits because of it (but sure, that's why I initially wanted to start using it), but I do really enjoy it. Like you said, I feel like when I get into the office, it's nice to just be standing and getting the day started this way. Maybe it's "thinking on your feet" or whatever. But I like it.

I definitely get tired of standing and then I'll go ahead and sit down mid-morning. Depending on how restless I'm feeling, I'll raise and lower it throughout the day. I think that's the key thing: having the option to sit or stand. I notice a lot of us at the office will raise and lower it throughout the day.
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Blood pools when you sit. it circulates better when you are upright. That alone seems like a positive towards productivity to me.

I used to work retail where I was on my feet all day, often at a terminal. I felt better physically and mentally.

Now, sitting at a desk, I feel more lethargic and prone to fatigue. Also, I've gained some weight. This is largely due to being less active for half of my day.
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