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October 25th 2013 4:42 pm

Having Mavericks issues?

I haven't upgraded to Mavericks yet. I want to give it a couple weeks. One of my coworkers upgraded and has since complained that app switching is slower for him. Maybe due to Compressed Memory or App Nap? That in itself sounds like a reason to not upgrade. It drives me nuts when computers act sluggish when I'm trying to work.

This article says that MacBook Airs seem to be having trouble (crashes):


Are you having any issues? Any advice about upgrading?

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No problems seen yet for me on a 2010 MacBook pro that was upgraded to 8GB ram and an SSD

Then again, it's only been a couple days
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Well that's good to know, that's exactly my setup: 2010 MBP/8GB/SSD. The biggest thing I'm worried about is sluggish app switching.
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I've been running Mavericks on an rMBP since the first beta, and other than applications that had issues with some of its changes, I haven't had any problems whatsoever.
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I don't feel any significant change in memory myself, flackend. At the same time I upgraded to Mavericks, I also was going to upgrade to more RAM on my 2012 Mac Mini, but kept my 4gb in to see how it did, and felt too that it was slower. So, versus cancel my upgrade and save money, I decided to proceed and up the ram, and now it's working fast. But, even with more ram, I don't see much "compression" happening in Activity Monitor, etc.

However, on my MacBook Air, with 4gb and 64gb SSD, it does feel a "hair" speedier, and I judge that by how slow things on my Mini acted at 4gb, then again, the SSD does also speed things up!
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I have an older iMac. Upgraded a while back no issues so far.
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I just bought the new macbook pro preinstalled with mavericks and it runs incredibly. However I thought I would test out my old macbook by comparing before and after between mountain lion and mavericks. My conclusion supports my theory that macs new software in general is made for their newest devices. What computer do you have and how much ram does it have?
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I upgraded. Thanks for your reply!
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