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March 20th 2010 7:50 pm

HD2 or Nexus One

Let's be honest here guys: I know some of you are big WinMo/Android fans, and that's fine, but please don't let that skew the discussion. I'm looking to replace my old, clunky G1. I really like the HD2, but I'm worried about support from Microsoft once WP7S comes out, and also all these complaints about WinMo 6.5. Is it really that bad?

The Nexus One is appealing, but it also has some problems. I would much rather have the huge HD2 screen, and I hate the Android keyboard. Plus, it doesn't come with a nice 16GB SD card like T-Mobile's HD2 does, so I'm stuck paying $80 more for the N1 plus however much extra for a decent SD card to replace my iPod.

So: if you've played with one or the other, or both, are these concerns justified? Which would you recommend?

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On a pure hardware comparison: The HD2 is superior. I love the larger screen (typing and browsing etc. are fantastic). If the HD2 ran android the decision would be extremely simple but unfortunately it doesn't.

Software comparison:

Two issues:

1) The N1 will continue to have its OS upgraded and more importantly innovated. Conversely, since the HD2 will not (a) be upgraded to Phone Series 7 and (b) WinMo 6.5 is a dead platform, the chances of new applications or updates coming out is extremely slim.

2) WinMo 6.5 is not an actual phone OS but instead a watered down desktop version. The only salvation of the HD2 is that HTC Sense makes the OS bearable.

Which matters more to you the hardware or the OS?
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I bought a HD2 when it looked like it would support WM7. It's a great phone and I am happy with it.

But before you make a decision, first check out the wimo software sites: Handango, et.al. Then check out availabilty of WiMo software on major vendor sites. I'd say e.g. Skype except... well I'm sure that you've heard already.

Most WiMo developers had already switched focus to iPhone and Android development, now that that M$ have decided on a clean break practically all of the rest will focus on windows phone 7 instead. M$ will support the OS, but the ecosystem already under threat, will wither and die.

If you're happy with the available software and not too fussed about updates and bug fixes, go with the HD2 it's a better phone and IMHO a better OS. But if you think you might want to use new apps (using app instead of software deliberately) between now and your next handset upgrade think seriously about Android.

/yeah I'm bitter and possibly twisted.
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I'm replacing my G1 with the HD2. sucks about WPS7 but O' well. I'm sure XDA will port android to the HD2 they already have it working on the Touch pro 2. so you'll be able to go that route later. MS says they are still going to support 6.5 now called Windows Mobile Classic but we'll have to wait and see what their idea of "Support" is.
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Android has been ported to the HD2 but I'v heard it's pretty sluggish and crashes
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WinMo 6.5 IS that bad. I had a touch hd and put the 6.5 rom on it. I mean its pretty user unfriendly, sense makes it bearable but you WILL kick yourself in 6 - 12 months

N1 screen is really good, just not as big.

The WinMo keyboard is WORSE than the android one, i've just bought an N1 and find it much much better.
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