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June 7th 2011 2:10 pm

HDMI confirmed.


"After the demo was over Nintendo, bless it, treated us to a final element of cloak-and-daggerishness. We were told more facts about Wii U, which had to be read out and transcribed only onto paper.

So here they are: the console itself will run in full HD, via HDMI, but the touchscreen isn't HD. The console has internal Flash memory which can be augmented with "SD Card or USB solutions". It will play optical disks and downloadable content, and will be backwards-compatible with Wii software. And it will launch some time between 1 April and 31 December 2012."

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I think I'm excited about the "USB solutions," because from what I've heard, that includes external hard drives as well.
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I still want to know if Gamecube peripherals and games will be supported. I love my Wavebird too much to part with it just yet.
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