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HDR video achieved using two Canon 5D Mark II's

Engadget just posted this trippy looking video that uses two cameras with different exposure settings to create HDR video. It looks like what you'd expect (the video of the person is especially noticeable as it has over saturated HDR characteristics): www.engadget.com­/2010­/09­/09­/hdr­-video­-accomplished...

Anyone, I'm not entirely sure how they processed this. Brett and I were discussing whether they had to individually combine each frame and reconstruct it (at ~97 seconds of video x 24 frames per second = 2,328 frames to process...)

Also, I wonder how they correct for parallax errors from using two separate cameras? Seems like things would look a lot fuzzier (plus, you'd basically be creating some sort of pseudo 3D video at that point. With a different processing method, you have a 3D movie).

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Holy crap that is awesome.
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Interesting. On the parallax errors, they mention in the article that they had a splitter, which means one view split into two bodies. The technique is interesting! Wonder if this is the way of the future. I think not really, it just looks too odd to be real.
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