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Hello, beautiful!

I want this thing badly. But I have a feeling we will probably be looking at prices in the high end Leica range. Can't wait to hear what reviewers say about this, though!

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Man oh man do I want something like this. Is there any sort of compact/micro four thirds/mirrorless/whatever camera that doesn't cost a crapton?
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as much as i want to think that fuji can command the types of prices a leica can, i hightly doubt it.
not to say i think this will be cheap though...i believe this will be priced to be a poor man's leica x1, in direct competition with the sigma dp1/2 series
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It looks like they are trying to hit a 1000 MSRP price. www.engadget.com­/2010­/09­/21­/fujifilms­-finepix­-x100...

A few months down the road on Amazon and it will be under 800 dollars.
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Can't wait to see what image quality ends up looking like.
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