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Hello, I guess that Nintendo must change its videoconsoles, I don´t like any of this machines...

Is portable, have 3D graphics, but its main processor and system memory is very low if you compares it with others portable devices like smartphones, an example could be Sony Ericcson Xperia 10 or the Droid 2 ...and its aspect seems antiqued, though it does not. Always Nintendo with same way of make bussiness...

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It's more powerful then the Wii if what I heard is correct. So that's a start.

I can see people buying this for glasses free 3D; at least that why I'm buying it.
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not sure it is more powerful than wii, but it is DANG close. I am excited to take some really good mobile games on the go, games that really make me think that I know I will have a lot of fun with. I have already pre ordered my 3ds and hope to get it on launch day. It is a move in the right direction.
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People buy Nintendo consoles for the games, not for the hardware.
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I agree. People in the technology world are so caught up in the hardware specs of a device nowadays so much so that they don't even care how it performs. If it's snappy and performs well without a big processor (which I'm told it does) then it doesn't need a big processor.
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the games nintendo and friends make just rock!
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