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Help. I've just got an iPad2 (won in a raffle!) and am having trouble logging into the YouTube app.

When I attempt to log in it says that I need to connect via my google account, then drops me out to an error page in Safari. I can log in quite happily through Safari but not via the YouTube app. Any one got any similar problems?

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I have the exact same problem. I think it's due to the fact that I originally created a YouTube account under a different username and later associated it with my Gmail account. Now, I can't log into the YouTube app under iOS using either my original username or my Gmail credentials. I've yet to find a solution to this. It's pretty annoying!

Here's to hoping someone has some advice!
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Come to think of it, do you have Google's 2-step verification enabled? If so, I was able to just get it working by doing the following steps:

1. Visit your Google account page: google.com­/account/
2. Click on "Authorizing applications & sites"
3. Add new authorized application. You'll get a weird hash password like "gfgf hgsj kaja itsj", use this as your password in the YouTube app.
4. Open YouTube app, login with your username and newly generated password hash.
5. Watch videos!

Let me know if this ends up working for you!
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