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April 6th 2010 9:25 pm

Help save me from walled garden of Apple - I am looking at getting the HTC Desire as it will come to Australia on the 27th of April.

Before I make the switch I need to clarify what apps I can use to get me up and running. The following are the apps I really need :-

-I need to replace iTunes, I need to download and store ( not streaming ) video podcasts eg BOL, TWIT etc.
-Ebook reader
-A program like Quickoffice that syncs to google Docs and Dropbox
-Flickr app
-good alarm clock

Many thanks

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Well Double twist can handle podcasts and is the equivalent of itunes for Android, otherwise Google Listen can download and play most podcasts, And twit has a bunch of apps for their videos and audio casts.

Don't know about ebook readers but the kindle store is coming to android at some point probably soon.

HTC ships some of its phones with Quickoffice, but I only used it once so I don't know if it syncs to Docs or Dropbox.

There are a few Flickr apps, but I use Picsa so never used one.

And the stock alarm clock is great as many alarms as you want with and sounds you want. I love the stock Alarm clock, but there are also alarms clocks that make you do math ect before they will snooze.
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Thank you for you answer. I will give Double Twist a go to see if it is easy to use. I live in Australia so Amazon does not sell to me. It seems from my research an android phone will take a little more work to use on a daily basis. With iPhone it is set and forget, no brains required.
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This is true, I myself couldn't use an iphone after Android, i see my coworkers using it and honestly it would only be great for casual gaming but Android is catching up there, everything else on Android is so custamizable and so muchmore my style. I love being able to say I want a totaly different desktop experience today and just changing the settings(I have GDE, gnome like replacement app) and it has so many cool options for style..
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For ebooks, Aldiko should suit you fine. www.aldiko.com/
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I have just finished listening to the Android App Show podcast # 9. They spoke about an app called iSyncr ( www.androidzoom.com­/android­_applications­/multimedi... ).

This app reads your itunes database ( Mac and PC ) and loads content onto an Android phone. Sounds like a great solution.
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You can get an idea of the apps available by browsing AppBrain.com or Androlib.com - both are online versions of the Marketplace. Both very different - but useful.
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Thank you all for your replies, the gdgt community is great. The decision to change phone is a big one. We invest a lot of capital in applications and become accustomed to doing things in certain ways. I am watching a few Android podcasts to get a feeling for the platform.

Apple are not making things easy, the new OS 4.0 is attractive. I will make my final decision once Apple announces their new hardware in June/July.
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