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July 1st 2010 6:20 pm

Here is my new dream phone, Windows Phone Seven, Verizon LTE, Portrait Candybar/Slider, big screen, attractive (Dieter Rams...), and this holiday season.

If I can have this, boy would I leave Android!

And a Mac sync client!

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Good luck with WP7.
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What about Android makes you want to leave it behind? Not feeling Google's services? Use Microsofts services more anyway? Lack of UI polish? Something else?
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They need to find a way to let you download AAC podcasts over the air. At the moment I either direct download mp3's off a website which means it gets mixed with my music or use a separate podcasting app which usually have doggy media controls. So what I'm really saying is bring on Gtunes.
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Sounds great, LTE is starting to pick up some. I think that Sprint will have a WiMax phone and I bet they'll go to LTE so I'm thinking of using Sprint. With a family account the main user gets a new phone every year, or so I was told. I could go WiMax now and LTE later!
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