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December 16th 2011 2:53 pm

Here's what would make Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player more useful for me

About six months ago I asked gdgt users whether they preferred streaming services like Spotify, RDIO, and Rhapsody, or locker services like Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player (gdgt.com­/question­/poll­-music­-lockers­-or­-streaming­-...).

I'm not holding out hope that someone will combine the two in any meaningful way (i.e. a service where I can stream anything from their catalog and also upload any music of mine that's missing), so what I really want is something that scans my collection, tells me what's not available on Spotify, and then uploads all that stuff to Google or Amazon.

Not expecting anyone to actually offer this, of course.

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This could happen with a well executed acquisition by Google or Amazon. Like it or not, at some point, one or more of these streaming service companies will need to be acquired. The streaming business can't be all that profitable.
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I want what you are asking for with a little bit more. I'd like to be able to scan my personal collection and then have the ability for spotify to add all the music I have to a playlists (or multiple playlists broken down perhaps by an id3 tag such as genre) and then identify for me what music wasn't available on Spotify. The added action of uploading the content to another 3rd party service would be nice but I'd be ok with doing this step manually.

There is some hope now with the launch of Spotify Apps https:­/­/www.spotify.com­/us­/about­/apps/ and an API available for someone to create this assuming the features needed are supported. I'm currently running the Spotify Apps preview version https:­/­/www.spotify.com­/us­/download­/previews/ and the limited apps available are pretty cool. I'll be keeping an eye out for this after the official launch and hopefully we'll get lucky. If so I'll be sure to share it Peter.
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Honestly I'd be perfectly happy with Google Music if they could A) Increase their bandwidth vis-a-vis upload/streaming, and B) Simply allow us to click and drag albums/songs for organizational purposes. As it is now, manually editing each and every song/album is ridiculously time consuming.
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Is your music collection larger that the space Google Music gives you for free? You could upload your entire collection so that when you don't find something you want to hear in Spotify you can get it via Google Music. It is not as elegant a solution as what you propose, but it is an interim solution until someone develops your ideal one.
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I considered this, but the entire collection is about 300GB, a big portion of which isn't available via any streaming service.
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In that case, have you looked at something like audiogalaxy? It lets you stream the music stored in your home computer to your device for free. The only drawback is that your computer at home must be on and running the audiogalaxy app.

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Well, there's always grooveshark.
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