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July 4th 2009 10:11 pm

Highly Recommended...

Highly recommended for music and gaming... What does everyone else use them for?

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Yeah, I love these. Probably my favorite pair of headphones that I own. Sound great, block out surrounding noise.

I actually purchased them specifically when working in a cubicle environment. My coworkers would always get frustrated when they walked in and I never responded when they knocked on the wall or called my name. I'd even miss phone calls at my desk!


The only side effect: they make your head really warm.
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They do indeed isolate well, perhaps too much for their own good. With these on, even an elephant lacking in the ninja department could sneak up behind you.

I've added an automotive rearview mirror to prevent such occurrances.
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Yeah... they will get quite warm on a hot day, but its not too bad.
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Plenty of listening hours logged on the iPod, even though really the source isn't good enough for the 'phones. When I did have a gaming rig and played (bf2, dod, Halo PC etc) FPS games these were super useful and made for an immersive experience.

They are also fantastic for: ignoring your roomates/ other random people at college while trying to get work done! I did this so often that my roomate ended up getting a pair and we were the room of silence. Really helps to just channel the focus on your work.
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Yep, great for blocking out sound... and studying.

I used them with my Zune 80, which actually sounded great with WMA lossless, but not too great with the lower quality mp3s.

The only thing I replaced on them, after having them for two years (coming up on three) was the ear cushions, which you can get at the Sennheiser site. They were getting a bit sticky from hair gel and such... =P but now they're like new. =D
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These were almost my first pair of hi fi headphones, but I went with a pair of Alessandro MS-1's instead. They are a very different kind of headphone being open instead of closed. As a result, there is very little isolation. If isolation is not a key factor for you, I've read that many people prefer the sound quality of the MS-1's. I really enjoy them.
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Great headset. Very sturdy contstruction and very comfortable. These are substantial, and are not intended to be very light like earbuds. These headphones are for people who are serious about hearing the music/sound in great detail. I can't tell you how many times i've listened to music on these headphones and have heard new nuances to music that I've been listening to for months or longer!

These are over-the-ear, and do not have vents for the ears. That's good and bad. The good = great external noise reduction. The bad = my ears get hot after an hr or so with these headphones in place. These are great when you're on a plane, at the office (if you can wear headsets at your office), or when you're serious about listening to your music.

If you're serious about high quality sound and external noise reduction, take a look at these. If you want something that you can wear while you run on the treadmill at the gym...these are not them!
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Yeah, so true about the "new nuances" in the music.
After I got this and my x-fi card, I had to go back and re-listen my music collection... amazing.
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My older brother has a stereo, and he.....enjoys blasting it more than necessary. With these headphones, not only do I receive extremely high quality sound, sound that my ears didn't even know existed within the digital world. But, I also cancel out his stereo. These are exceptional and match, and are better than headphones that are priced higher.
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They are great, especially for the 30db or so sound attenuation. Only problem is that for super big heads they start to crack a bit at the top over time.
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I've used these for soloing channels when doing live sound mixing. Awesome because of the huge amount of passive noise cancellation.

The quality and range are the reason I originally bought them.
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