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September 1st 2012 11:56 pm

how about music in one x?

someone please tell about music in one x

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If you're talking about the internal speakers, here's my opinion:
They go a little loud. Around as loud as most high end phones go these days. They're not too loud though, so if there are background noises around you such as people talking, you may not hear them too clearly. One thing I noticed, if I'm showing a comedic video to more than 1 person, the laughter often covers the sound of the video, making us miss a joke or 2.

The speaker on the One X is pretty clear. It's one of the best phone speakers I've heard in terms of quality. However, I rarely use the loud speaker for music, so my opinion may not be the best.

However, if you're talking about using headphones, here's my opinion:

Having the Beats equalizer actually makes the music sound a little better than when you disable it. Overall, I've really enjoyed listening to music from the One X through headphones.
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thanks met, i am a music lover. so could you suggest me which brand of music phone that suit for me? thanks
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The best 3 phones I've seen for music are probably the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone. You can't go wrong with any of these choices if you ask me. Then again, don't just ask me, they are the 3 "Must Have" phones according to GDGT. :D
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I have used One X for a week and thoroughly and also SIII for 2 days or three.
I find One X far more soothing than SIII.

And especially with the best headphones plugged, you hardly would feel a difference.
You can always customize your music output.
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