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September 2nd 2014 3:30 pm

How are you keeping your online data safe from 'hackers'?

In light of the recent[1] Apple iCloud news[2], I think it's a good time as any for us to re-evaluate how we're keeping our data safe in the cloud. I have a few measures in place including some two-factor methods and completely random passwords. Unfortunately no solution is full-proof but any methods can help.

With nearly every photo coming from iCloud, I'm beginning to second guess my reliance on auto-back up services. I know SpiderOak is supposed to be all about security, and there is also OwnCloud if I wanted to roll out my own solution. Other than those I'm not sure of any other "secure" methods other than keeping my data disconnected from the outside world.

If you don't have two-factor enabled you should really get on that. Here is a wonderful list of sites that currently offer it: twofactorauth.org/

Note: While using randomly generated passwords is a good step, keep in mind that every time a password breach is released to the Internet it only helps to improve brute force databases. Passwords will always be a moving target.

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I prefer my private files to be stored in my personal cloud....like My cloud WD..
just give a strong password combination..
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passwords, no matter how challenging, are ineffective against hackers...or so ive read and been told 😪
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I was a little sad nobody bothered to leak my nudes.

In all seriousness, this morning I spent 15 minutes on one MobileSyrup post which had direct links to enable 2 factor auth on many common accounts. I already had it set up on some, but now I have it on the rest


(Also you can shame me for linking to another Blog/site if you choose :P )
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Paypal has the most frustrating form of two-factor
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Agreed! Although it does work with SMS islt seems which is fine by me!
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Using a password manager is great for remembering randomlh generated passwords. Which one do you recommend? I use Sticky Password to keep my passwords organized. www.stickypassword.com
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