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September 15th 2011 5:10 pm

How can Microsoft claim "no compromises"?

Win8 tablets with ARM chips have the following limitations:
-No x86 apps (read: every Windows app in existence today)
-No plugins for IE (yep, no Flash on Windows ARM tablets!)
-Installing software is limited to the Windows Store. No sideloading for you.

Your only choice for "no compromises" is to get an x86 tablet that costs more (that Samsung 700T developer tablet has a street price of $1,500), weighs more, has fans, and has worse battery life than the ARM-equivalent. Basically all the problems the Tablet PC of 2002 had, only this time you can optionally use a proper touch layer.

From my perspective, it looks like both ARM and x86 options are going to require huge compromises that are no different than the compromises you make with Android or iOS tablets.

Am I missing something?

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From what I understand they are working on code to solve this issue... nothing is for certain, but the work is underway
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