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July 2nd 2009 7:01 pm

How did you lose your NES?

Seems like we all had these classic game systems, but for one reason or another we don't have them anymore. What happened to yours?

I used to have one, well it was my brother's. One day he decided that he wanted to be a hockey player and decided to trade our precious NES and our huge game collection for a bunch of used hockey equipment. Did he ever play hockey after that? No. I hate him.

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I still have mine, battle scars and all. It still works as well.
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My condolences, fellow gadget fan. Although, I still have mine. It hasn't turned that ugly yellow that most NES consoles morph into, and after a little cartridge-blowing and jiggling, I can still play Super Mario Bros. just as well as I did the Christmas I got the console. I do admit, I play my SNES with Super Mario Bros. All-Stars a little more often just because it's a lot easier to pop in a collection of games on one cartridge versus Mario Bros. one, two, and three in all their original chunky glory.
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My brother was also the cause of my NES. Although he as a difference story, my memory is that he was playing Super Mario Brothers with one of his friends and the friend put his drink on top. When the drink inevitably spilled, the system died. My brother maintains that it simply stopped working. Either way, he was in the room, so it's his fault.
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I traded mine for an electronic organizer back in '92.
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I gave mine to one of my younger cousins. The part that I really regret is that I gave them my entire game collection as well. I kept all my other consoles, so it was weird not having the NES around. I ended up buying another one later from ebay with a new cartridge connector, which makes it much easier to get the games to work. Now I have most of the classics again (I also somehow ended up with about 6 copies of the Mario/Duck Hunt game). Emulators are much more convenient, but it's great to take out the old NES once in a while for some Mega Man, Mario 3, Zelda or Punch Out.
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I have 2 at home! and my roommate has one to! One of mine have turned a funky yellow colour but I keep it as my backup. Both work quite well but I'm sad to see duckhunt as it was die with the invention of plasma TV's. Oh tube television, how you've given me many a great hour shooting ducks... Oh well! The rest still works and I still have a small library of games too!
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I never was able to give it away, even though it was broken. I bought a new one on ebay with a few nice games(Slalom!!yeah!) and even Metal Gear.
I now have a collection all 'real' Consoles of Nintendo:
Nes, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii. I put them in a chronilogical order in my TV shelf, lokks really nice :-)
My next goals are: Virtual Boy (just to have it, I'm a collector nature) And the Super Scope, but to find those in a good condition you'll have to spend a lot of money...
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I gave both my NES and SNES away to my younger cousins. Wish I had them back now, not sure if they even still have them. :(
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Mine is still alive and kicking. Replaced the pin connected a couple years back, which solved the games not starting issue. I really need to introduce my nephew to the joys of the Power Pad
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Wow, it looks like more people still have this iconic system than I thought...I want mine back. Playing on the computer with an emulator just isn't the same.
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I still have mine, but it doesn't play anymore and continually flashes a black screen when the power is on. So instead I bought myself an FC Twin system which plays my old NES and SNES games beautifully.
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I sold mine when it didn't get much use. Then I bought a new one because of nostalgia. Then sold it again.

Its a great for nostalgia but its a crime to keep it locked up because I dont have enough time to use it. Better to let somebody else use it and I'll just use an emulator when I want to relive the glory days for a few hours.
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My mother sold it at a garage sale along with my games without asking.
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Same with me! Oh, I was so mad!
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I probably bought it from one of them.

Got a NES, 4 controllers, 2 guns, the 4 controller adapter and about 20 games for 30 bucks.
Also the thing so that you could put it on channel 3 or 4.

The lady said that her son left it out too much and she didn't have the a/v cables.

I told her that it was worth more, and even offered 50. She didnt care, and I felt horrible, but I had to do what was necessary.

This was about 2 years ago.
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I visited my parents earlier this month and was helping them clean out their basement. In a box, buried in the darkest corner was my NES, 2 controllers, and most of my games! It turns out they sold our Atari 2600 (OK, still mad about that...) and my mom was generically referring to all game systems as "Nintendo"!
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I still have mine too... it works not so perfectly, it has issues with the cartridge bay, so when I try to play on it I always try not to move it too much.

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Brother-in-law *borrowed* it. In 1997.
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I still have mine. It was boxed up for many many years, but I finally got it back out last year and put a new pin connector in it and it works great.
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I still have mine, and it works great, even after going through a fire. My son plays Super Mario 3 all the time. One sad problem is that duck hunt's gun controler doesn't work on new TVs.
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You guys who still have their NES are really ruining my thread. I guess I was wrong in the first place.
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mine became a PC. NES pc.... mmmmmmmmm. (micro itx formfactor with working usb controllers that plug in through the regular controller ports).
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Mine is still alive and kicking, and it is still awesome!
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My brother sold mine while I was away at college. I had over 200 games for it, all of which were sold with the system. I was pissed, to say the least, but emulation has made coping easier.
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I don't have my original NES and I don't really miss it since I have Nestopia, a USB NES controller, and more games than I could I ever play.
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Blowing my console (oh yea) just didn't do the job in '05, so I took it apart and eventually threw it away. I have a few games for it that I'm gonna give away or sell.
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Mine eventually stopped working, no matter how much cartridge blowing I did. I sold as many of the games as I could to friends and bought a Sega Genesis to replace it.
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My father tried to fix ours after it broke. That was the last I saw of it... Not sure what happened to the games.
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Unfortunately my parents decided that I didn't need more than two systems, and I really wanted a PS2 when they came out. Naive as I was, I decided to sell my oldest system, the NES. At least I never gave up my SNES, which I still play more than my PS2...
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Still working, but needs a slap every once in a while to start working. *insert racist/sexist joke here*
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My memory of losing my NES is kinda sad. The only game I remember having for it was Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. That one game alone entertained me for a few great years. Eventually, my NES started to malfunction. At first it wasn't anything that a quick (but annoying) restart couldn't fix. Then one day, after the SNES was released, my older cousin gave me all his old NES games. I was really excited to have a gold mine of games to play. He gave me maybe 15 games. Unfortunately, after trying to play some of them, my NES completely died. It just stopped working. Didn't even turn on anymore. My young little heart was completely shattered knowing that I had so many new games and no console to play them. Twas a sad day indeed.

This story does have a happy ending, though. My uncle from Canada had to come to visit us for Christmas that year, and when we went to the local mall he surprised me by getting me an SNES. Childhood crisis: Solved.
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My NES was sold with all of my games at a neighborhood garage sale after I had upgraded to the super nintendo system.
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i still have mine. infact we have 3 in the house. but only one working power brick between them.(why theres 3 actually.... power brick burns out, buy another nes and power brick).

i was playing duck hunt the otherday on the only crt tv left in the house. as the zapper dosnt work on led tvs....
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