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December 3rd 2013 11:06 am

How do I access the product comparisons?

So I feel silly about asking this, but since I have yet to find what I'm looking for, I figured I'd check. I am trying to compare products using the Engadget product reviews section. I had done this previously without fail when gdgt and Engadget were not the same domain. However, with the new architecture, I cannot seem to find where a product comparison page. I've tried looking in the footer menu, in the pages of the products I'm trying to compare (right now I'm checking for routers), and also in the main Reviews page. No luck.
Has the comparison feature been disabled? If not, how should I go about accessing this?

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We're aware the url is missing from the menu. in the meantime you can go to engadget.com­/compare to access your compares.
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Still doesnt help to view the XB1 specs.. dont understand how your suggestion for the meantime would help.
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If you navigate to the URL I mentioned you will be brought to the compare page. From there just click on the category you want to see a compare for.
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Engadget has to fix this or strip out the product comparison feature. rsusummoner is being extremely reasonable in his query, but other users (myself included) are wandering around the engadget site thinking wtf? while trying to figure out the compare product feature.
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